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150 Newport Boulevard is 10-storied residential condominium that is full of convenient features and amenities. All that an individual ever desires to have under his/her residing roof is well accommodated in 150 Newport Boulevard. The features allow the residents to lead a peaceful, active and relaxed life at 150 Newport Boulevard.

The property features a large swimming pool for the residents. The pool is provided with a number of sunbathing decks. Therefore, you can take a dip in the pool as summer heads, as well as get a perfect tanned look while sunbathing on the provided decks. The luxury doesn't end here, as there are shower and changing room located close to the pool area. Having this as a facility, you can take a relaxing shower post a dip in the pool and use the changing room thereafter. This gives you a feeling of being in a lavish club instead. 

While providing a pool to the elders, 150 Newport Boulevard has taken complete care of the kids by providing a smaller pool for them. This allows the kids’ group to remain in a different area altogether, which ensures privacy for all.

The lobby, reception as well as the elevators are other provisions of 150 Newport Boulevard. These features don't just add to the beauty of the setup but also imparts a convenient living. The elevators can be used by the residents and their guests to commute as and when required. The reception area has an assisting reception person who helps the residents and their guests. 

The property also accommodates a lavish lounge on the ground floor which most of the other residential setups do not possess. The residents can relax at the lounge as per their convenience without taking the pains of traveling long distances. There are separate mailboxes and keys available for each unit. This helps to maintain the privacy of the residents. They can access the mailbox as per their convenient timings and are not disturbed by the delivery persons.   

150 Newport Boulevard also features a gymnasium for the residents. This provision is of supreme importance in a world like today when all the different individuals seem extremely conscious about their fitness. Having a fitness center right at the residential setup allows the residents to work out as per their convenient timings without any hassles. No long duration traveling is ever asked for when one has a fitness center right at their residing location. The gym is well-equipped with instruments of supreme quality. Additionally, there is no requirement for the residents to spend extra money in some other fitness center away from their home.

The property experiences a 24 x 7 supply of water, owing to the wisely built large overhead water tanks as well as underground cisterns. Shortage of water is never to be experienced while residing at 150 Newport Boulevard. Various areas of prime importance are provided electricity via power generator such that no essential service is ever interrupted. All in all, 150 Newport Boulevard is one of the rare residential build-ups that is dedicated to sincerely serve its people.

  • Swimming Pool with Paved Sunbathing Deck
  • Children's Pool
  • Changing/shower rooms
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