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150 Newport Boulevard

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Project Location: Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 42.50 sqm
Price Range: Php 6.6M and up


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150 Newport Boulevard By Megaworld

150 Newport Boulevard is an excellently designed residential development that accommodates ten spacious floors. The unique design of the build-up is worth every penny you invest. The development consists of wings that offer both, soothing as well as neutral hues. The modern building of 150 Newport Boulevard is skillfully accented with a unique classical kind of clock tower that extends an exceptional look to the entire development. 

The lobby of 150 Newport Boulevard is crafted with extremely elegant furnishings along with vibrant decoration which welcomes the visitors with excellence. While looking out to invest in 150 Newport Boulevard one gets a lot of brilliantly designed units to pick from. 

The units are well-designed and concretely crafted along with a lot of essential features. Some of the many incorporated features of the varying units of 150 Newport Boulevard include an entrance door along with a panel and a viewer, individual sub-meters to detect electricity consumption as well as water consumption, cable connection provision, internet as well as telephone lines, hot as well as cold water supply provision in the bathrooms and toilets and finally, a Certificate of Title for each condominium. All in all, all the various units of 150 Newport Boulevard are ready to move in, in all respects.

One prime kind of unit of 150 Newport Boulevard is in the name of The Studio Residence. This is one of the most elegantly designed units of the property. It features top-notch ceramic tile floors for all the utility areas of the unit including the bedrooms, living space, kitchen, dining space, toilets as well as the bathing areas. The sleeping region of the studio units comprises of a spacious modular closet and the kitchen accommodates modular overhead cabins as well as under counters. These can be conveniently used to store eateries and utensils in the kitchen. The toilets and bathrooms, as well as the kitchen, are constructed in such a manner that they offer natural ventilation. They are also provided with the provision to have a split air conditioner installed.

Another unit kind of 150 Newport Boulevard is the one bedroom unit. This unit features ceramic tile lining in all the utility rooms and areas including the living space, the dining space, kitchen, toilets as well as bathrooms. The kitchen again is conveniently constructed with modular overhead as well as under storage counters. The bathing area, toilets as well as the kitchen feature natural ventilation provision along with the setting that allows the fitting of one split air conditioner per unit. 

Some of the units of 150 Newport Boulevard offer balconies that provide an admirable view. Additionally, the units that do not feature a balcony have windows that offer a pleasing view of residential communities, vast landscaped rotunda as well as Circulo del Mundo. One can enjoy the evenings by the side of the window and relax after a hectic day's work.

150 Newport Boulevard also offers facilities like a well-furnished elevator for the passengers including guests, a well-designed reception area, and a spacious lounge present on the ground floor. These areas are well maintained by a maintenance team that is present in the society.

All the various units are provided with separate mailboxes along with keys that stay with the owners of the units. These mailboxes are used by outsiders to drop important documents, letters, etc. for the unit owners. This provision provides privacy to the house owners and their family as they are never disturbed for deliveries of documents and letters. They can check their mailboxes as per their convenience.

The property also features a security center for the safety of the residents which 24 x 7 monitors the happenings of the property. This allows the residents to lead a secure and peaceful life. The monitoring center is occupied by trained security professionals who keep an eye on all the footage collected by the various CCTV cameras of the property.

150 Newport Boulevard also ensures the provision of various essential as well as luxurious amenities that make life not just easy but also much more fun. The residents can enjoy the vast swimming pool of 150 Newport Boulevard along with a sunbathing deck. This helps them stay relaxed in both, summers as well as winters. There is also a kid’s pool available on the property which is specially designed for the little ones. Post a dip in the pool, there is provision for a shower as well as changing.

There is a 24 x 7 supply of clean water to all the units of 150 Newport Boulevard as it features huge-sized overhead tanks as well as underground cisterns. This leads to uninterrupted water supply all throughout. There is a provision for power generator that supplies electricity in some selected regions of the property ensuring that services are uninterruptedly supplied.   

Last, but the least, 150 Newport Boulevard is a creation of the well-known Megaworld developers. This brand name is one of the most reputed in the real estate industry that has been offering homes to people for generations. 150 Newport Boulevard is one of its most elegant constructions that is also extremely affordable.

The 150 Newport Boulevard is a 10-storey residential development that has a very unique design. The residential wings of the development are complimented with soothing, neutral hues. The modern building is accented with a classical-style clock tower and the lobby extends warm welcomes with the elegant furnishings and vibrant accent pieces for all visitors. There are different types of units that an investor can choose from when purchasing at the condominium. The typical residence features include: an entrance panel door with viewer, individual electric and water sub-meters, provision for cable, telephone and internet-ready lines in each unit, provision for hot and cold water supply for toilets (excludes water heater) and an individual Condominium Certificate of Title.

The Studio Residence features ceramic tile flooring for the living, dining, kitchen, sleeping and bath areas. The sleeping area provides residents with a modular closet and the kitchen contains modular under counter and overhead cabinets. The kitchen and the toilet operate with natural or mechanical ventilation and provision for one unit (only) split-type air-conditioning system. The One-Bedroom Residence features ceramic tile flooring in the bedroom, living, dining and kitchen areas as well as in the toilet and bath areas. The kitchen features modular under counter and overhead cabinets. The kitchen and the toilets operate with natural or mechanical ventilation and provision for one unit (only) split-type air-conditioning system. There are few units that feature balconies and those that do have the balcony are able to enjoy views of residential communities and the large landscaped rotunda, Circulo del Mundo. The condominium will also provide residents with interior-finished passenger elevators, reception and lounge area on the ground floor, a security command center for 24-hour monitoring and individual mailboxes with keys.

Residents can also enjoy the swimming pool with a paved sunbathing deck, children’s pool and changing/shower rooms. There will be ample supply of water that will be stored in the overhead water tank and underground cistern and a standby power generator for common and selected areas within the building. The construction of the 150 Newport Boulevard residential development is currently ongoing and is expected to be completed in the very near future. This residential development will be constructed by Megaworld International.

Megaworld 150 Newport Boulevard in Pasay City, Philippines is a premier Condo project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase 150 Newport Boulevard, then check here first. We have full details of 150 Newport Boulevard updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

150 Newport Boulevard - Location & Vicinity

150 Newport Boulevard Is located at Newport Boulevard, Neport City Complex, Pasay.

150 Newport Boulevard is located in Pasay, Newport City Complex at Newport Boulevard. It is one such residential community that stays close to all the essential commodities of day-to-day life. This makes life easier and convenient.

Villamor Golf Course is one of the closest located sporting hubs. One can have the privilege of learning, practicing, mastering and enjoying the game while having to travel far distances. Parents of young kids can have their kids learn the game with much ease. 

Manila Marriot Hotel is another luxurious establishment located close to 150 Newport Boulevard. You can head out for dinner or go for clubbing as and when desired with family and friends.

There are various shopping malls as well as marketplaces located in close vicinity of 150 Newport Boulevard. Newport Mall is one of the closely located shopping malls. The residents can anytime head to the mall and shop as per their requirements.

The Shrine of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus is a praying place where the residents can head whenever they feel like offering prayers to the almighty. Many people like to visit a church on a daily basis. When the habits and desires are such, then regular traveling can lead to consuming a lot of their essential time. This time can be saved to quite an extent when a church is located in a close neighborhood. 150 Newport Boulevard offers exactly the same. 

The property is connected with various essential roadways that easily and quickly leads the residents to various locations of prime importance including several official locations. This makes 150 Newport Boulevard one of the major choices amongst the working class. 

Apart from various roadways of connectivity, there are various modes of commuting, in and around the area, which makes quick and easy traveling possible for the residents of 150 Newport Boulevard. Therefore, with regular commutation eased-out to the core, reaching any desired destination never seems an issue.

150 Newport Boulevard is one of such residential setups that stands in the extremely close neighborhood of various essentials including healthcare centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, marketplaces, retail counters, worshiping places, lounges, etc. These convenient setups mark 150 Newport Boulevard as one of the best properties of the area in terms of convenience and nearby essentials.

150 Newport Boulevard Location

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150 Newport Boulevard - Features & Amenities

150 Newport Boulevard is 10-storied residential condominium that is full of convenient features and amenities. All that an individual ever desires to have under his/her residing roof is well accommodated in 150 Newport Boulevard. The features allow the residents to lead a peaceful, active and relaxed life at 150 Newport Boulevard.

The property features a large swimming pool for the residents. The pool is provided with a number of sunbathing decks. Therefore, you can take a dip in the pool as summer heads, as well as get a perfect tanned look while sunbathing on the provided decks. The luxury doesn't end here, as there are shower and changing room located close to the pool area. Having this as a facility, you can take a relaxing shower post a dip in the pool and use the changing room thereafter. This gives you a feeling of being in a lavish club instead. 

While providing a pool to the elders, 150 Newport Boulevard has taken complete care of the kids by providing a smaller pool for them. This allows the kids’ group to remain in a different area altogether, which ensures privacy for all.

The lobby, reception as well as the elevators are other provisions of 150 Newport Boulevard. These features don't just add to the beauty of the setup but also imparts a convenient living. The elevators can be used by the residents and their guests to commute as and when required. The reception area has an assisting reception person who helps the residents and their guests. 

The property also accommodates a lavish lounge on the ground floor which most of the other residential setups do not possess. The residents can relax at the lounge as per their convenience without taking the pains of traveling long distances. There are separate mailboxes and keys available for each unit. This helps to maintain the privacy of the residents. They can access the mailbox as per their convenient timings and are not disturbed by the delivery persons.   

150 Newport Boulevard also features a gymnasium for the residents. This provision is of supreme importance in a world like today when all the different individuals seem extremely conscious about their fitness. Having a fitness center right at the residential setup allows the residents to work out as per their convenient timings without any hassles. No long duration traveling is ever asked for when one has a fitness center right at their residing location. The gym is well-equipped with instruments of supreme quality. Additionally, there is no requirement for the residents to spend extra money in some other fitness center away from their home.

The property experiences a 24 x 7 supply of water, owing to the wisely built large overhead water tanks as well as underground cisterns. Shortage of water is never to be experienced while residing at 150 Newport Boulevard. Various areas of prime importance are provided electricity via power generator such that no essential service is ever interrupted. All in all, 150 Newport Boulevard is one of the rare residential build-ups that is dedicated to sincerely serve its people.

  • Swimming Pool with Paved Sunbathing Deck
  • Children's Pool
  • Changing/shower rooms

150 Newport Boulevard - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 6,630,000 42.50 sqm

150 Newport Boulevard - Payment Option

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Why You Should Invest In  150 Newport Boulevard

Accessible 24/7

150 Newport Boulevard is a condo in Pasay City that is accessible day in and day out, as the site is plied by public transport 24/7. The immediate surroundings of this condo community never sleeps, so if you don’t have your own car, you can always enjoy the convenience of public transport (such as jeepneys, buses, and taxis) when you are out of town even in the wee hours of the morning because of business transactions and other endeavors. Security is also more alive and kicking during these hours, you are sure to go home to your unit to be with your loved ones, safe and sound.

Live-Work-Play lifestyle

150 Newport Boulevard enhances the concept of the modern live-work-play (LWP) paradigm where you can have your fantastic home within your work’s premises and at the same time, you have access to recreational amenities where you could relax, play, and mingle after a rigorous day in the office. Here, at the Newport City, you could have an everyday dose of entertainment after work in the comfort of your home. If you want to workout to stretch and conditioned those muscles, the fitness gym is just a walk away from your elegant unit. No need to join expensive gym membership kilometers away from your home. You are really investing not only for your future but also for your health and fitness.

Distinctive building design

This 10-storey condo community at the heart of Newport City in Pasay has a unique design very different from other condos across the city. The 150 Newport Boulevard Pasay City stands out from the rest. Its stylish facade is a new generation design highlighted by a traditional clock tower with a modern twist. While its lobby will shame even the finest 5-star hotels in the metropolis with its rendition of luxurious furnishings and lavish accent pieces. The building’s two residential wings are also art forms in existence. Both are painted in appealing tones, anybody who could see them will be surely mesmerized. These designs and unique architecture are never bound to be outdated even for decades, your investment is truly long lasting as you please.

Superb model units

Much as the exterior of the Megaworld 150 Newport Boulevard Pasay is a breathtaking view to behold, wait till you see its equally adorable residential units for sale. The project’s condo units come in classic Studio, Executive Studio, 1-BR, 2-BR, and 2-BR Combined Units. 

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